eat's all fiat


In Czech republic we have story call Otesanek. Its about family which cant have child and fater one day went in woods and curve one from wood. Bring that home and woman start caring as child and its become alive. It was so hungry that eats all food, cat, neighbour, father ……………..  in short

 When I came with idea that I will make my first chair I know it have to be more than.

Same as Otesanek was so hungry OTES’a’NEK was so hungry that they have to eat all currencies to represent that one day all currencies will be on Bitcoin, but when we think its already happened becouse we all can use Bitcoin no question ask and that way its already eat all currencies but its just meaner of time when everybody realize it.

BitChair Otes 1
BitChair Nek 1


Height 89 cm
Width 76 cm
Depth 96 cm


  • 40mm birch veneer base for arm handlers
  • oak frame

Rubber wood veneer

  • Cotton fabrics
  • Springs seat,
  • Foam filling
BitChair otesanek 1

I start drawing handler for chair

I got birch plywood board and cut handlers from it and start cleaning after cutting …. durring this time I was thinking what I do on it … becouse hadle needs something more

BitChair otesanek 2
BitChair otesanek 5
BitChair otesanek 6

On other side I finish framing and made fist test of chairs ….  I like classic spring chairs, its just different feeling

I came with idea that I will make network from veneer on each handle with engraved Bitcoins and I start work, that will be with just with black lines between connecting point.


Bitcoin one day eats all the currencies

OTES’a’NEK holds all the banknotes from all around the world, 151 banknotes

Set of ONE OF KIND pieces when each of arm holder on chair hold banknotes of all countries which are connected to Bitcoin nodes.

Below you can see how was made and on end you can find all banknotes use on chairs.

BitChair otesanek 4
BitChair otesanek 3

First I made template for veneer cutting ..


After I cut veneers and glue on handlers to make network


and place round pieces to finish network


Now that i had all ready I still was thinking that there can be something more and one day I just get idea that I can add there all banknotes. I look and find out that there is 151 currencies for collecting.


All banknotes collected and now is time to find best lines on banknotes and cut them out and place them on handlers…

BitChair otesanek 9
BitChair Fat Boys
BitChair OTESANEK upholstery
BitChair OTESANEK upholstery 2

during that time we was working on finishing upholstery

and here it is …