original chairs inspired by bitcoin

The chair originally served as a symbol of leadership or respect and it is hard to imagine our world without chairs. They aid us in tasks throughout our everyday life and provide us with respite and comfort at the end of a long day.

Connecting Bitcoin and chair inspired me in to making original chair desings. Enjoy our Funkcional Art collection

… enjoy our work …


Funkcional art

BitConf chair designed for BTC Prague 2024

 Price       0.03 Btc for pair




Funkcional art
Bitchair OTESaNEK

Set of two original chairs, with handles designed with network made of 151 banknotes of all around the work as symbol that one day all currencies will be on bitcoin

Just one set

 Price       0.3 Btc for pair


Funkcional Art

Image Accordion #1

Comfortable lounge chair originally  designed for BTC23 in Innsbruck.


Price 0.08 Btc


Bitchair - bit seat

Simple chair for self assembling.

It can be made with different veneers and fabrics by your choice.


Price 0.02 Btc

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If you like some information or looking for custom made chairs,   bitchair@bitchair.store

NOSTR:  calfa_bitchair@iris.to